A reminiscent encounter with the self
you no longer wish to be –

a declaration that change is necessary,
and you aren’t enough –

A vying stance of out with the older – out with you,
out with all that was learned, shared, celebrated – accepted.

Acceptance is now demeaning, flawed to the core.

Yet, this year it is all in regards to bettering one’s self –
healthy habits are the new wave again this year –
do actions still speak loudest?

Words are silenced if they’re not the right ones – the flawed ones,
the chanters of praise are unworthy, appreciation is the antonym,
meaningless to acceptance of self-aware.

Encounter the self – speak wise of one’s creativity
without falling into
the declarations and resolutions of self-infliction.

Be aware of the resolutions we cast on ourselves –

accept no less than
we need to change our habits,
of needing to change ourselves.

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