Come What May

I will chase you into tomorrow
as midnight falls onto a lonely
hour, where words are falling
like change onto the pavements,
with the whispers of newly cast
resolutions echoing against the
alleyways bound to be lost by
sunrise – I will follow you into
the new year, where memories
are disregarded as unnecessary
change, and change is viewed as
successfully winning the lottery;
it’s the realm of new possibilities
or perhaps just any other day, but
no matter what happens, I’ll still
be by your side, come what may.

Left of my Heart

With the days shifting
into a new year, and the
hours blending laughter
with the light sketches
of a smile set beneath
the glow of the moon,
she is my greatest fear
and wildest of dreams;
where her touch ignites
flames set between the
stars and in the valleys
left of my heart, she is
bordering on madness
built on my desire and
rooted deep in ashes of
the previous year, set to
sprout again, prime and
new, in a year lost to love.


I think back on picnics
in the park – your shades
were bouncing reflections
of the sun into my eyes yet
I couldn’t do anything but
smile. I was busy trying to
harmonize my laughs in time
with yours, filling the silences
between the trees bustling
about and the calls of the
birds – eventually we lay still,
curled up into one another
with only the sound of our
hearts beating, thump, thump,
thump… It’s the melody of
the summer, calling us to play.


A reminiscent encounter with the self
you no longer wish to be –

a declaration that change is necessary,
and you aren’t enough –

A vying stance of out with the older – out with you,
out with all that was learned, shared, celebrated – accepted.

Acceptance is now demeaning, flawed to the core.

Yet, this year it is all in regards to bettering one’s self –
healthy habits are the new wave again this year –
do actions still speak loudest?

Words are silenced if they’re not the right ones – the flawed ones,
the chanters of praise are unworthy, appreciation is the antonym,
meaningless to acceptance of self-aware.

Encounter the self – speak wise of one’s creativity
without falling into
the declarations and resolutions of self-infliction.

Be aware of the resolutions we cast on ourselves –

accept no less than
we need to change our habits,
of needing to change ourselves.