At the crevice of the turn,
where the wild flowers in
yellows and whites dance
side to side as though no
one were watching, where
the tree line is hidden from
immediate view, and owls
retreat to during the longest
hours of the sun in summer,
where a laugh or even the
slightest giggle can get lost
for miles in any breeze – my
heart is beating fast against
your giggle and sigh, I have
re-found love on your terms,
gently rustic and everlasting.

Infinity and Beyond

We said goodbye to dusk,
filtered in the shadows of
the stars, with the subtlety
of the sun looming over the
darkening horizon – we lost
ourselves under the lights of
the sky, sun-kissed in gentle
waves of a pleasure and in a
promise; we held on to each
other, knowing our own limits
but with the subtle passing of
glances between the sun and
moon, we had realized how a
love could truly be so infinite.

Drafts and Promises

Written in the ashes
of pencil shavings and
daydreams are leftover
remains of my words
not quite brave enough
to take root to the page;
searching for solace in
the confines of a blank
space, where limits are
the enemy, burying my
own expectations into
first drafts of promises
in a chance at revival of
written smoke and ash.

Insight Ten.

I am nestled in an embrace
inside the crook of your arm,
where dreams are rocking us
into lullabies, and secrets are
no longer screaming, where
the only truth is of love with
an understanding that comes
long before the sun is rising,
where we can lose ourselves
in the little things, and where
love is found inside your arms,
nestling our hearts together in
comfort and dreams, where an
embrace steals the night away.

Love in Blue

She is the subtle color of blue
on the horizon at dusk, slight
out of center while holding the
sun in her arms, cradling her to
sleep with a lullaby of the stars;
she is the color of blue washing
up on shore with gentle kisses
along the beach, serenading the
sand in slight rhythms of waves
and ripples past dawn. She is my
color of blue illuminated off the
moon between the hours of love
and an embrace, as gentle as the
night and fierce as the waves, she
carries my love through all shades
of life, whispering sonnets in blue.


I struck a match at twelve
counting to five and watching
the smoke rise just long enough
for me to miss you – you were
my evening, night, and my air,
clouded in ash and memories;
with a burnt tipped match left in
my hand, as all that remained of
a time fueled in fire and desire,
where the rising smoke was a
promise we were infinite, with
city streets falling way beneath
us, now we’re just slow burning
into rising clouds of dust and ash.

Reflections in Green

In the light of celebration
when musings come out to
play and laughter fills the
outline of trees, stemming
from the tips of flowers up
towards the sky – there is
music found in the shades
of early March; where you
and I are dancing between
the gardens, left untouched
by chaos and foundations,
soothed in gentle melodies
with us reflected in shades
of subtle Jade, set against a
celebration of sound and life.


At the edge of the world,
where the sun is falling to
the ground, and the horizon
is only a meeting place for
two hearts at dawn and dusk;
where the tree line trembles
with every brisk kiss before
the rays converge in one last
embrace, soothing the earth
in love and redemption – we
are two hearts of an opposite
nature, grasping at the roots
for any chance with the other,
knowing our love to be true
like a guarantee of the rising
sun, we meet at the horizon.

Musings (In Travels)

Underneath the light
of a three quarter moon,
watching the plains drift
beneath the stars, set to a
soothing rhythm of your
whispers against the night
stained glass, venturing
down the highway under
the warm embrace of the
moon – you and I are love;
traveling with two beating
hearts as the radio, set to
the rocking motion of the
lighted night sky, searching
past the horizon for home.

Take Me There

Take me back to the sun
peeking through the clouds
against a backdrop of the
mountain side, with shades
of green becoming a warm
embrace as the breezes are
bouncing between ridges
beckoning us to play; take
me back to the mountains
with my love by my side,
wandering the lands where
the trails and foothills meet,
hand in hand waiting for the
moon and stars to rise – take
me home to the mountain side.