Dance With Me…

just take my hand and let us
slow dance in the rain; swirling
between droplets and each other
around one in the morning, when
the night is innocent and quiet,
slowly creeping past insecurities
while warm at the touch of hand.
we’ll dance between the breezes,
making up lyrics as we go to the
tune of taking turns making each
other blush as we twirl and spin,
dipping in time to droplets; just
take my hand and help me fall
in love with the rain once again.

One comment

  1. Michael33 · September 24, 2015

    Good evening Amber… I found your site by accident and have been lingering in your words far longer that I intended, as I have found your verse to be most alluring and beautiful. Hope you don’t mind if I hang around a while and absorb more of your artistry. Thank you so much for sharing your words with us…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful…

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